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Floyd Mayweather Odds

Floyd Mayweather Odds

'Money' Mayweather has a 100% record in professional boxing, with 43 wins from 43 fights

Having remained unbeaten through his first 43 professional fights, Floyd Mayweather is on the brink of joining a select list currently including the likes of Rocky Marciano and Joe Calzaghe in having avoided defeat their whole career.

Mayweather has beaten some of boxing’s greats along the way, most notably Oscar De La Hoya and Juan Manuel Marquez, while Ricky Hatton, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), Diego Corrales and Shane Mosley are other big names that have succumbed to Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather odds best to win on points

It is not punching power that has largely contributed to Mayweather beating all that have stood before him, in fact power would come quite a way down on his list of star attributes.

His big strengths lie in the unnerving accuracy of his punches and his watertight defence, which has frustrated a large portion of his opposition.

Therefore, because Mayweather does not hit particularly hard and always finds a way to win, the best bet in any fight that he features is for him to triumph on points.

He has won six of his last eight fights on points, as he takes a few rounds to form a strategy to beat his opponent and then gradually begins to wear them down, while impressing the judges at the same time.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather odds wanted in the future

The one fight that many boxing fans are waiting to see is Mayweather take on Manny Pacquiao, which would arguably bring together the two best boxers in the world today.

Mayweather’s victory over Miguel Cotto in his last fight may be the next step en route to a clash with Pacquiao.

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