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Eurovision betting

Eurovision betting

The Eurovision Song Contest has grown in stature significantly since its first showing in 1956, when just seven countries took part. This has developed to 43 and semi-finals are now needed to cut down the line-up to 25 for the final, which includes France Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK, who do not need to qualify for a final. With a vast number of nations now taking part, Eurovision betting opportunities are now larger than ever.

Eurovision Contest betting

Alongside the prestige of winning such a big competition, a victorious nation also gain the added luxury and prestige of getting to host the event in the following year. Interestingly, punters have the chance to enhance the chances of a Eurovision bet being won. This can be done by voting for the nation on which they placed their bet, which would increase the likelihood of the particular nation gaining 12 points towards their overall total.

Eurovision free bet

Since Ireland’s victory in 1996, 14 different countries have won Eurovision, which goes against the belief that only a few particular countries can win the title. This diversity of winners mean that a Eurovision free bet is a bit of a lottery, with almost any nation having the capability of winning. However, it may prove wise to place a Eurovision bet on a song with English vocals, as only once since 1999 has a song in another language won.

Bet on the Eurovision 2011

The German city of Dusseldorf will host the 2011 instalment of the Eurovision Song Contest, with a number of betting opportunities available. The obvious is finding the winner in the Eurovision betting, with France considered to be the favourites. Germany will be out to defend their title, with the UK represented by Blue and Ireland by Jedward. Head-to-head Eurovision odds can be taken advantage of, with the UK hoping to finish higher up the final leaderboard than Bosnia & Herzegovina in this market.

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