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Dog Racing Odds

Dog Racing Odds

Research is the key to betting success in virtually every sport, but this is especially true of greyhound racing. Some punters may witness the odd lucky streak by picking dogs with nice names or a lucky number, but this strategy is unlikely to prove fruitful in the long term.

Trap allocation key in dog racing odds

One of the biggest things to watch out for when betting on greyhounds is which trap each dog has been allocated. Some dogs favour a tight bend and they are therefore far more likely to triumph when allocated trap one rather than trap two. The same strategy can be followed for dogs favouring a wide draw in the race to the first bend and these dogs are arguably a better bet if positioned in trap six rather than trap five.

Look for a trap bias when analysing dog racing odds

Punters looking for a slight edge when getting involved in greyhound betting may want to carry out some extra research. At particular tracks, more winners may tend to come from trap one and therefore it may pay to stick with the norm, regardless of the supposed quality of the actual dog in question. At another track, it may be trap six that does the majority of winning.

Regardless of whether a punter is actually at a greyhound stadium or not, the best strategy may be to avoid betting on the first few races in the hope of noticing a trend in results. Most greyhound cards will have over ten races and so the first three could be used as a guide. Then if it is noticed that dogs from high traps are fighting out the finish, they should be the focus of any single, forecast or tricast greyhound bets.

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