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Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting

Boxing betting can be a profitable business, but it will often mean that punters have to take a slight risk beyond identifying which of two fighters will win a respective bout. With some boxers being particularly prone to winning by KO and others known to collect the majority of their victories on points, it is the market relating to how a fight will be won which could be best for making money in boxing betting.

Vitali Klitschko fights good for boxing betting

Vitali Klitschko may not hit the hardest or be the most aggressive of the fighters in the heavyweight division, but it certainly pays to back him to win his fights by KO. In his 45 career fights, he has triumphed on 43 occasions, but more impressively 40 of these fights have been by KO. Meanwhile, betting on Klitschko to win by stoppage in one of the final four rounds is also largely productive, as his punches gradually take the fight out of his opponent, rather than one big punch sealing an immediate knock down.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Floyd Mayweather, which is no surprise given that KOs are far less common at the lighter weights. Mayweather has won all 42 of his career bouts, with a decent 26 coming by way of KO. But what is interesting is that KO victories have become far less common in recent years, as five of his last seven bouts have gone to the judges’ scorecards.

There are also numerous other boxing betting options available

In total, punters can typically take advantage of over 20 different betting opportunities for each particular fight. Among the less common of these are whether a fighter will win a fight after being the first to get knocked down or whether one of the fighters will be knocked out inside the opening 60 seconds of the first round.

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