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American football odds

American football odds

American football may not be as big in the UK as it is in the USA, but there is still plenty of excitement to be found and loads of great betting to take advantage of.

The National Football League – or the NFL as it is also known – has been wide open in recent years meaning that a whole host of teams have gone on to win the ultimate prize in American football – the Super Bowl.

One massive reason the American football odds continue to remain so tempting is because of the National Football League Draft…

The draft makes for some brilliant American football odds

The NFL draft happens before every season in the NFL when teams select college players in a particular order based on how they performed the previous season.

The team who finished last in the NFL gets first pick, while the team who wins the Super Bowl gets the last pick.

Teams can trade positions or players with other teams and it has become such an exciting part of the NFL that it now attracts millions of viewers in a primetime television slot.

Because of the format it means that teams who previously struggled can bag the cream of the US college crop and make huge strides forward.

This means the American football odds are never boring and there are plenty of great bets available to take advantage of.

There are plenty of other American football odds available

As well as betting on the outcome of the big games and the Super Bowl winner you can also bet on incidents that happen during the games.

You can back a point spread, the total points scored in the game or how the first points of the game will be scored.

With so many great markets available, American football betting is a brilliant way to have a punt.

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